Meet The Team

The Some Thing Is Missing Team

Rosie Walker


Part-time Volunteer, full-time History nerd and incredibly amateur photographer. Rose will be responsible for writing about the Historical research concerning the Some Thing Is Missing project, as well as the odd irreverent post about anything at all.

Sarah Marie Garcais

IMG_7975 copy

Artistic dynamo and creative sounding-board, Sarah will be posting a series of art projects she has created in response to the Some Thing Is Missing project. Expect artificial mounds, fairy-lights and many many photos of crystals. Enticed yet? Watch this space!

David Kerr


Stable camera-man, tech-guru and discerning T.V viewer. David was responsible for filming and editing the Two More Than Most film as part of the Some Thing Is Missing Project, and will continue to edit and produce short vignettes about the project for our YouTube channel. May be persuaded to write a post or two about filming, if asked nicely.

Carly Mullen


Film and media graduate, with a passion for all things arty. Carly is a part-time volunteer who joined the project in order to assist with all things media related, with hopes of developing her filming and editing skills. Any additional skills learned are a delightful bonus.

Iain Shields


Part-time volunteer, Iain came to the project with an interest/background in the Social Sciences. Iain is responsible for researching into the land rights issues regarding Water Row. Iain hopes to develop his skills further with STIM and hopes the experience he gains will help in gaining a degree in History and Politics.

Andrew Mansell

Experienced sound engineer and music producer. Andrew is a part time volunteer with Sunny Govan Radio as part of the wider project, the aim of which is to put on a live music set at the Govan Fair. While his main background comes from recording audio and live audio engineering, Andrew looks forward to opening up to new projects and ideas to progress his skills further.

Sean Walsh

Graphic designer with a wealth of knowledge in music and art. Sean is volunteering at Sunny Govan Radio and wants to make music a key part of the Govan Fair. He hopes to spark the interest of the community and make them proud of their musical capabilities.

Steven Barclay


Steven is a film maker and educator, who will be working to inspire awareness, interest and participation in the Govan Fair among school pupils. He will be running workshops in local schools about history, traditions and folk-tales about Govan and the fair. This will form material for a film that will be screened after the fair.

Kieran Murphy


Kieran will be working closely with Steven Barclay and his school workshops and will be overseeing the film part of this project.


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