Project Background

The Something Is Missing project was inspired by a group of artists, architects, urban planners and archeologists who came together to create a new vision for the historic heart of Govan at Water Row, which was due to be turned into a permanent car park.

Architect: Andy McAvoy – Assemble Architects. Artists: Susan Garde Pettie, Kathleen Friend,  Matt Baker, TS Beall. Urban Planner: Tom Manley. Cultural Planner: Liz Gardiner. Archeologists Ingrid Shearer and Alan Leslie – Northlight Heritage. Historian: Tim Clarkson. Landrights expert: Andy Wightman.

Susan Garde Pettie, Kathleen Friend and Liz Gardiner, Fablevision and Northlight Heritage created the youth project so that the hidden history of the area could be revealed. This was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s “Young Roots” programme.

The project was managed by Liz Gardiner and Fablevision,  with Creative Direction by Susan Garde Pettie and Kathleen Friend.

The young people were identified through ProjectScotland and Govan Job Centre, and were mentored by Fablevision Studios.





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