Some Thing Is Missing: An Overview

In July 2013, a group of us embarked on making the Some Thing Is Missing project come to life. Since then, we’ve been joined by more volunteers, gone through many stages of stress, anxiety, joy, and success, and discovered a whole heaping lot about the wonderful community and history of Govan.

As a part of this, we went on a number of road trips to interesting places in and around Glasgow. From our week 1 trip to Inchinnan/Loch Lomond/Dumbarton Rock (a welcome break after the previous days 8,000 year history info dump), to a whip round other contested sites including Kelvin Meadows, the Sighthill Standing Stones, a visit to the Gorbals, and the old Govan Graving Docks. We also took a trip to the National Archives in Edinburgh to have a gander at some land deeds and maps of Govan. Our trips were facilitated by a number of expert witnesses including Tom Manley, Ingrid Shearer, Andy Wightman, and Tim Clarkson.

We went down to the site of Doomster Hill with Ingrid and Dr. Kenny Brophy in an attempt to map out where the Hill was likely to be and give us a better idea of the scale of the thing – and, let me tell you, it would have been a hell of a thing if you could have seen it in all of it’s glory.

All of this information we gathered was then taken around schools and community groups around Govan in an attempt to get the youth of Govan interested in and involved in the community and history of the place they live, and try and drum up support from the older community.

After a trip to the Govan Loves Christmas event with the switching on of the Christmas lights for a final push of spreading the word, all of this work was capped off by a tremendously good fun event at at Brechin’s Bar; We showed our documentary and had a range of music, supplying the crowd with a free pie and a pint.

All in all, the last 7 months have been stressful, occasionally exceptionally hard work, but at all turns it was fascinating and a great deal of fun. The team would like to thank all of the people who have helped us along the way; Ingrid Shearer, Tim Clarkson, Tom Manley, Andy Wightman, Dr. Kenny Brophy, and everyone that we interviewed and spoke to in and around Govan; Maria Suarez without whom we would have been able to do none of the things that we did; Laura Breaden and Louisa Taylor, for guiding us along the way and putting up with a near constant barrage of questions and pleas for help; Rory MacMilan and Nick Quinn for a variety of technical help; Everyone at Fablevision who had a hand in helping us as we stumbled our way through this process; Shambles Miller, Martin Heron and Esther Bain, Katie McArthur and Celine Brooks, Callum O’Connor, and Jake Beveridge for providing us with a wonderful array of music at our event; Brechin’s Bar for hosting said event; and everyone else who helped us out in any way, shape, or form.

It’s been tremendous fun, and without all of the above people we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it. You’re all pretty great.

(Music in the above video; “Alice’s Song” by Shambles Miller)

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