Govan Loves Christmas

While the ‘Govan Loves Christmas’ Event was taking place in Water Row on Tuesday afternoon, we took the opportunity, working with GYIP, to set up a stand and talk to local people about Doomster Hill and the history of the site.

GIR3 Girl and boy

Some people already knew about Doomster Hill, but weren’t sure where it was, or the significance of it. It was a good opportunity to talks to people while their hands were ‘trapped’ and their handprints drawn.

GIR3 Hand CU

These temporary handprints will be put down on the car park in January to symbolically mark out Doomster Hill (The exact location is hotly disputed). We had a lot of interest in our stand – 80 people left their handprints and around 100 people stopped to talk to us. Special thanks goes to our sponsor 3M who provided the temporary road marking tape for the handprints.

GIR3 Help me

One of the boys is wanted for repeated pen-nicking! If anyone has any information, please contact us!

GIR3 Kathy Board

We look forward to seeing some of you at our film screening next week in The Brechin’s on Govan Road next Thursday 12th December at 7pm. See post below for details.

GIR3 policeman and boyMany thanks to our sponsor 3M who donated the large tape for the handprints.


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