Event In December

How much would you pay for a film screening followed by a night of live music at which you get a drink and a pie?

If you said “Nothing,” you’re probably a horrendously Scrooge-like character, but you’re also in luck! As that’s exactly what we’re charging for our event in December which does all those things and more! We’re pretty nice like that, eh? Book a ticket, come along, and have a good time! Any other order to that process is not likely to produce the same results.

Hosted by the inimitable Shambles Miller, we’ll be showing our short film in the function room of Brechin’s Bar in Govan followed by some live acoustic music from a variety of performers. It’ll be a grand ol’ time. And you’ll have a Pie and a Pint (of beer or cider, or a glass of wine, or even a soft drink, if that’s your thing), and some cracking company is assured! Especially if you come along, am I right?! (… too much?)

And it’s all free! Free, I say! If you click this word right here, you can book yourself a ticket and guarantee that you’re going to be part of the fun.

So come along, learn some stuff about Govan, listen to some quality music, and get yourself good and drunk. Huzzah!

TMTM Poster Final

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